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I need to move from CT and start over

Today while out running errands at work one town over from Newtown CT I was stopped at a traffic light and just happened to look over at a telephone pole abd posted in black and white on a weathered sign says and I quote "If you want your fuel bill paid for the winter VOTE for Obama"
I'm now 36,left for Marine corps boot camp 2 weeks after HS graduation served honorably, obtained the rank of Sgt in an infantry unit "ooh rah" and have hit the ground running ever since. Married, 2 kids both A+/- students because I'm doing my part as a parent , own a home, I get up and go to work EVERYAY to pay my bills and never asked for a ****KING DIME not from family, and especially not from the government NEVER!!!
This is such B.S. yet totally expected from this place .
Any way rant over.
Wheres a nice place? Western N.C. always seemed like a nice place beautiful anyway. Eastern Tennessee? Out west? I'm ready yo pick up.
Open to suggestions

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