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Originally Posted by aliasneo07 View Post
Hello all,

I could use some help choosing a 590a1. I have a few questions.

1. I am trying to decide between the 9 shot and 6 shot. Does anyone have any opinions either way? Right now I have a 6 shot 500. I am wondering if a 9 shot 590a1 is just going to be ridiculously heavy. I will be adding a light to it.

I have a 6 shot. I'd just train for the 6 that you have. You don't need 9 shots and a side saddle on a home defense/personal defense gun. It's not a revolver. A hit with 00 buck or a slug will take a man out of the fight and shotgun ammo is heavy. I've had a 9 shot and they are very muzzle heavy

2. Ghost rings. I kind of like the sight picture. Is there really any downside to using ghost rings over beads?

Ghost rings are awesome. If you want a red dot in the future, just get the bead. the rear sight interferes with the picatinny rail.

3. Speedfeed stock. How do you guys like yours? I heard that in the past there were some issues with the springs pushing off the rubber buttpad. Also read about issues with shells falling out under recoil.

I like mine. I keep a single slug in the right side. THey come with a good recoil pad

Thats it guys! Really appreciate the advice! My main problem is deciding between 6 or 9 shot.

Also, I really would like a the tri rail forend that they offer because I'd like to add a light to it. Does anyone know if these can be purchased by themselves, or who makes them for Mossberg? Really want one to complete the package.

just get a CDM gear mount. It is quality gear. Stay away from the tri rail

Thanks again!
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