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Need some help choosing a 590a1

Hello all,

I could use some help choosing a 590a1. I have a few questions.

1. I am trying to decide between the 9 shot and 6 shot. Does anyone have any opinions either way? Right now I have a 6 shot 500. I am wondering if a 9 shot 590a1 is just going to be ridiculously heavy. I will be adding a light to it.

2. Ghost rings. I kind of like the sight picture. Is there really any downside to using ghost rings over beads?

3. Speedfeed stock. How do you guys like yours? I heard that in the past there were some issues with the springs pushing off the rubber buttpad. Also read about issues with shells falling out under recoil.

Thats it guys! Really appreciate the advice! My main problem is deciding between 6 or 9 shot.

Also, I really would like a the tri rail forend that they offer because I'd like to add a light to it. Does anyone know if these can be purchased by themselves, or who makes them for Mossberg? Really want one to complete the package.

Thanks again!
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