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Serpentine Belt Noise / Chirp?

2007 Tahoe 5.3L V8 - ~~ 25K miles

I only drive it a few times a month - mostly used for vacation trips --

I started it up the other day using the remote start - it was COLD and raining - and heard a slight chirp - sounded like a squeaky belt.

I say "slight" because if I am in the drivers seat I can not hear it -- after the engine runs for a while / drive a few miles it is quiet - no chirp even when I standing in front of the truck with the hood open.

I started the engine a few times now - hear the chirp - if I put a single drop of water on the serpentine belt (inside groves) the noise disappears instantly -

Should I replace the belt? It looks like new - no wear - no cracks.

Use "belt dressing" (I hate this ****)

Don't worry about it because it is normal?
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