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Originally Posted by vandros View Post
Costs of ammo, great stopping power, and harder recoil aside, how good of an idea is it to use real (i.e., not underpowered) 10mm for hd/sd? I'm particularly concerned about overpenetration, since I'm in a highly-populated urban area. I think the caliber is great for hiking/hunting type situations, but not sure how I feel about hd/sd. Thanks for advice and thoughts...

heavily populated area? 18 inch barreled shotgun with #4 buckshot. Or some sort of carbine that shoots 5.56.

Edit - sorry didn't see the SD part. If you're out and about, even hiking in most situations I'd still fear 2 legged critters more than some monstrosity of an animal attacking me unprovoked. Just me though, so I'd go with my standard G19. ymmv

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