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All the ones ive owned and or shot(and know the current owners) have ALL worked 100% this includes the

PT99(adjustable sight version of the PT92 loved it has been the only gun that the entire time I owned it never failed in any way)

Currently have a CH85 Revolver works great good snubby.

have shot in the last year

PT145(works great never malfunctioned(after i told the guy when it was malfunctioning that he actually had to clean it B4 he shot it..he had no idea..once he cleaned it up its run 100% I actually think this may very well be my next gun)

709 Slim(ran 100% guy moved but b4 he moved id shot around 100 rounds through it and he a lot more and never a problem...he used it as his primary CC weapon)

The small taurus .380..the newer one that I cant think of the name of..actually real nice..once the guy ran about a box and a half through it its run 100% ever since..I DID have some issues during the first box and they have ALL GONE AWAY since the box and a half mark. IF I were to get a .380 this is the one id get.
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