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My father owns a Taurus Judge which I have much experience with. I would never buy a Taurus firearm after handling and shooting it. It feels cheaply made, and the fit and finish is very poor. It is one of the black models and the bluing feels like some sort of easily chipped, cheap black lacquer. The trigger is horrible and gritty, while all the machining is very poorly done. The checkering on the hammer, for example, is uneven in height. The accuracy is poor as well. That said, if you had to use it to defend yourself at 7 yards, it would work.

It's completely a matter of personal preference, but the names of many Taurus revolvers bug me as well. The names "The Judge" and "Raging Bull" seem much better suited to be plastered on the side of an 8 year old's toy than a firearm. It doesn't make matters better when they make these model names as large in a most obnoxious location.
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