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Originally Posted by Armanius View Post
Hello everyone! I recently got my first pistol, a Glock 19 Gen 4. Loving it!

I have some Federal HST LE ammo for self-defense purposes in one of the three mags that came with the gun. Can I just leave the ammo in the mag indefinitely? Would it have any detrimental effect on the mags, like maybe on the springs? Any detrimental effect on the ammo? Should I be taking the ammo out from time to time and maybe rotating amongst the three mags?

Thanks for the helps folks. I'm just a noob when it comes to firearms.
I don't know about "indefinitely" but I've left it the magazines loaded and a round chambered for 8-9 years before, without a problem. I may have unloaded and reloaded the chambered round a few times in that time, but that's all.
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