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Have you considered Nosler Partitions? I have had penetration issues with Barnes X bullets in .243 and .25-06. I have never had an issue with the NP. They aren't as pretty but they do the job every time. For hogs, I don't care if they run off or not, for deer/aoudad/elk, I don't trust copper bullets. The sectional density isn't there.

2 years ago I shot a 180lb 10 point whitetail at 200yds with my ..25-06 hand load of a Barnes X-bullet at 3550fps. It was a quartering away shot. The bullet entered the chest cavity behind the left shoulder, went through the top of the heart and both lungs, but didn't exit the chest cavity. Some might call this an ideal scenario, but I am from the school that 2 holes is better than one on big game. My varmint loads are designed to not exit and dump power but at the expense of penetration. Whitetails are not very tough and this performance disturbs me a little bit. For "big" game, I want a bullet that will do its job every time.

Hog hunting tip #1:
I have killed more hogs than I can count with everything from a .22lr to a .338 Lapua. Hog shooting is different from deer in that a heart/lung shot is not ideal. I have never had a hog run off that was shot directly on the point of the shoulder. With a heart/lung shot, they'll run a ways, they can't go anywhere if you take away the wheels. That said my main hog rifle is a .223 and I have had very good luck with it.

Just a few random thoughts that someone might benefit from.
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