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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
...Most 44mag shooters don't shoot them more than 100rds a week...

A week? I'd venture most don't shoot 50 rds. in a year!! They lug it out for deer season, check POA with a cylinderful of rds. & hit the brush!

I reload for .44 Special but after years of tinkering around I've become lazy and now only use the Skeeter Skelton load in my Ruger. I do not use that load however in my Model 696 "no dash" as it's a little too warm for that rare jewel.

I will add that I have a CA Bulldog and in its chambers lie five Corbon 200 gr. DPX SCHP's that are impressive. I haven't shot anything with these bullets, but every test I've seen shows storybook performance in short barrels.,special,special,special,special,dpx
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