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I've owned three Taurus revolvers and one auto over the years.
First Taurus was a Model 669, 6" blue 357 bought in '90 or so. Good shooter, beefy gun.
I've bought two Model 605's, SS 2" 357's. Also good shooters, but magnum rounds in a snubbie are LOUD, and snappy.
The last one I bought (04ish) has a pretty darn good trigger. Don't know what they are doing differently, but I have seen improvement over the last 20+ years.
That said, I have S&W Models 10, 64 and 638. Smith's overall are nicer, and the Airweight J-frames are much easier to opcket carry (smaller and lighter).
Side by side, you notice the difference (esp triggers), but the BG won't. Taurus makes a decent revolver, a good value. Though I'd probably buy a used Smith over a new Taurus, probably.

I had a PT145 for a short while, regret selling it (was financing my first AR). That is a pretty neat little pistol, think I'll get another one some day.
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