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Well, hit or miss - a few years ago I worked for a FFL and Taurus was a big line for them and the guns were pretty good for the money. Then, about 10 years ago we started getting service problems with almost 15% of the guns sold. Taurus took them back but took weeks to months to get them serviced. We even met with a VP at the SHOT show but the service isssues continued and our sales dropped way off. I left about five years ago and just came back last month. Not many guns in the case, maybe 10 out of 125 - 150 at any one time. Heard the owner tell someone that "they had the best warranty in the business - and you will probably have to use it." Also they recommend that if you have a problem to contact Taurus directly. Been there a little oer a month and have seen 3 issues so far. Doesn't make me want to recommend one.
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