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For almost 50 years I have been shooting the big bores.... Although the 44mag in a 3"/4" is the best choice, The 44special works fine if you reload. I kill elk with the 4 5/8" Ruger Vaquero in 44special. I can load a 300gr bullet in the 44sp, and have all the penetration I need. I EDC "when in a town" a 45acp M1911. The 44sp will out do it properly loaded.

I have shot tens of thosands of rounds and that is a real low figure through 44mag/special and 45LC/ 357mag, for half a century.

I am NOT one bit concerned about the effectiveness of the 44sp. Factory loads stink. Hand loads are where you will get the horse power you need/want.

We do a very great deal of real loooooong range shooting on the ranch here, out to 600 yds. The 44special holds its own with about anything else, "again," prpoperly loaded.

If I can take elk with it, I can sure put a man down with it !

Got no jumping off place here, and don't post much on GT any more, but this caught my eye. I just say from almost 50 years "experience", the 44special is a really great round capable of taking men and very large game "loaded properly."

Don't be afraid of it !

Good shooting and stay safe.

Had to make this real quick.

Bless ya

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