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Originally Posted by BuckyP View Post
Since I already own an XL650, I can't see using a single stage press at this point (even though I have one).

I did. I lived in an apartment for 3 years. I had an old coffee table in the back of the living room, that was pretty robust. During everyday life, the coffee table was covered with a nice table cloth. When I needed to reload, the cover came off and a RCBS Rock Chucker attached to it with some bolts and wing nuts (the press and supplies were stored on the shelves under the table). It's doable if you're creative.
My first press was the Rockchucker! owned a couple proggressives since then, but they are a pain in the but! efficient yes, but I don't shoot any one caliber enough. Now I only have the Rockchucker. Started in a 1 bed Apt. I modified the Coffe table in the living room then too, reinforced underneath with a 2x4, Slid my supplies under the couch. Simply tossed a table cloth over when press removed. Wife not too thrilled, until I got her a Kitten! The ROCKCHUCKER is one hell of a press! Get your system/procedure going, and its plenty fast enough. I know of no other press as strong, reliable, easy to use, and capable of producing the finest, most accurate ammunition. I don't have that wife anymore, but i still have that RCBS press, and the Cat!
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