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In June prior to going on vacation to bear country I got a new .44mag Tracker, SS K frame, ported 4" bbl, ribber grips. It was ~$500 and the other brands didn't have anything close at even double the price. I have put 4-500 rounds through it and so far so good.

The trigger is excellent, no creep, crisp clean break, smooth pull in DA. Sights are adjustable with a nice orange insert in the front ramp-easy to get on target fast. Ribber grips look funky but really soak up the heat which is necessary on a light K frame size .44 mag. The cylinder is a bit short so the really massive long .44 mags won't work, however the 300 grn cast core loads I favor for bruin work just fine. Which honestly in this gun is the max I can shoot rapidly with hope of putting the rounds on target quickly- and that is a challenge. The ported barrel and heavy bear rounds make a massive boom and fireball that turns heads on the range. Even if I don't hit smokey he is going to be deaf, blind and lighter from bowel evacuation from the blast.

Pop had the 7 shot .357, it also had no issues other than being heavy for CC. He ended up trading it in on a .38 that has also been a good weapon. Buddy had a 9mm pistol late 90's that we dubbed the jam-o-matic.

-Personally, I won't buy ANY firearm unless I can look it over first regardless of brand. It took me 3 mossy 930's to find one w/o the canted front sight for example.
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