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FWIW, Maryland's Senators and Representatives do NOT listen. (Barbara Mikulski, Ben Cardin, Steny Hoyer.)

Maryland's legislature is considering MORE restrictions on magazines and firearms. (I HATE that term. . . . "Assault Weapons"!)

Here is what I wrote to Maryland's State Senate President, Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, Jr., last night.
(Mike Miller was a friend of my Dad's, and was my lawyer, many years ago.)

Long time, no see, Mike!!!
The last time we spoke, was 1979/1980 session. (Too long ago!)
My Dad, Mr. byf43, Sr. (Brandywine, MD) passed away, this past May.
He always spoke kindly of you. You made a lasting impression on him and my Mom.

Now, about my concerns for Maryland, as a homeowner, husband, father and grandfather.
Maryland has become a joke. Taxes. Restrictions. Lack of fiscal responsibility.
A governor that is trying to make a name for himself in the national political scene.
(He needs to spend his time IN Maryland, working for Marylanders, on Maryland's problems!)

Mike, Maryland is already one of the most restrictive places to live and purchase a firearm.
Magazine restrictions are a fact of life, here. We don't need more restrictions. We have enough, already!
I can quote the law, but, I'll condense.
It's illegal to buy, offer to buy; sell, offer to sell; give, offer to give; trade, offer to trade; manufacture, offer to manufacture, any magazine capable of holding more than 20 rounds of ammunition, in Maryland.
"Assault Weapons." "Assault Weapons" are weapons that are (defined by federal law) is a weapon capable of fully automatic fire, with one pull of the trigger.
One trigger pull - multiple shots fired.
Mike, this has been regulated since the Federal Firearms Act of 1934.
Semi-automatic rifles are NOT 'evil', nor are they used in very many crimes of violence. This hysteria is created by the media and politicians that are trying to further their restrictive and socialist agenda. I do believe that these politicians are afraid of the citizens, and are trying to disarm them. A disarmed society is not a bunch of citizens. They are 'subjects'. Hell, we tossed those daggone British out, for their restrictive policies in the 1700s, in the name of Freedom!
These politicians forget that they work FOR the people, and that the people do NOT work for the politicians.
We Marylanders do NOT need further restrictions. We Marylanders need current laws upheld and need more harsh jail terms for violence committed with a firearm!
Law abiding citizens are the only ones hurt by more restrictive laws. Criminals don't care about laws. That's why they are criminals!!!!

Mike, I wish for you a great legislative session, and a very Happy New Year!

Take care of yourself.
I gave him my contact info, including mailing address, e-mail address, home and cellphone numbers.

Let's see if he replies.
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