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Thank you for contacting my office regarding 2nd Amendment Rights. Your thoughts and opinions about this issue are very important to me, and I very much appreciate your input. I am a supporter of both common sense gun laws and the strict enforcement of existing gun laws. We need to develop a comprehensive and balanced approach, one that keeps our communities safe, protects our 2nd Amendment rights, and ensures that Americans continue to enjoy the right to bear arms. As the representative for Alabama’s 7th Congressional District, I will continue to work with diligence and persistence to protect the legitimate rights of law-abiding American gun owners. Moving forward, I will continue to keep your thoughts and opinions in mind on this and other related issues. Once again, thank you for contacting my office regarding the right to bear arms. I look forward to hearing from you in the future on this and other issues of importance to our community, the state of Alabama, and our nation.


Terri Sewell Member of Congress

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