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Dear Lxxxx:

Diana and I are heartbroken for all the people who were affected by the event in Newtown, Connecticut. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and others who are grieving. This is especially hard because children were murdered. As parents and grandparents, it’s hard for us to imagine the grief these families must be feeling.

This is a very emotional time and people want immediate action to prevent such a heinous act from ever happening again. If a crisis causes a reaction, it’s usually an overreaction and often misses the mark entirely. There are those who will use this to push for more laws, but I urge caution. I’m afraid there are no easy answers or quick fixes. I’m convinced gun control laws would not prevent such evil. They instead may serve to restrict law-abiding citizens’ rights and security, and do nothing to actually prevent such crimes from occurring in the future.

I will continue to pray for the families affected by the tragedy in Connecticut and for all of us as we struggle with this. We pray that through faith and helping each other we can make it through this, and make it through with clear heads in order to find the best solution to protect all of our loved ones.

Michael B. Enzi
United States Senator
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