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I used the tool in your sig line again, doc. How awesome it that to be able to send one email to all of he reps at the same time.
I was sitting here every night going down the list of reps. It was very time consuming, and I missed some.

"*No more restrictions on guns. Gun restrictions are a violation of the second amendment.
Banning alcohol didn't work. Banning drugs hasn't worked. Banning guns won't work.
The worst school killing in U.S. history happened before we even had "assault weapons".

And I will vote against anybody who supports gun control laws."

I tend to get right to the point, and I'm stingy with my words.
Fear your government.
"Rats aren't creepy, experimenting on them IS." Emilie Autumn.

For too long people have said "screw NY, IL, etc" or "that'll never happen here." Yes, it will eventually. If we dont start standing up together now, it will never stop.-ilgunguygt
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