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Show that you are contacting your Reps

So, I know that a lot of people say they are contacting their reps, but aren't. And a lot of people just need a little nudge to get there. A lot of people aren't sure what to wright, and I'd like to help all three of those groups get on board.

Governor Cuomo's outrageous recommendations is a trial balloon. Make no mistake, everyone is watching what the public reaction will be. If it is lukewarm, or they find that people are actually for that, you can bet the farm that Barry and Friends will make very similar federal rules, including all the end runs around congress they can imagine with executive orders.

So, I thought that this could be a place to share what you are sending to your reps, which will give you motivation to make a daily submission, and maybe serve as templates for others that aren't sure how they want to phrase their correspondence.

Here is my submission today:
Governor Cuomo's recent comments show that he has led a sheltered life, free from the burdens of an education in history, real world experience, or knowledge of the laws of his own state.

First, having a 20 or 30 round magazine is not to hunt deer. New York already has a 5 round limit for deer hunting. He should have known that. I personally use a 20 round magazine to hunt wild hogs. I also carry a sidearm. I am frequently walking in the dark to deer stands in country that has packs of up to 30 wild hogs running together, reaching weights of up to 500 pounds each. They are omnivores, and they will hunt you back. There are also coyotes, bobcats and the occasional mountain lion. But all of that is irrelevant.

The reason for the second amendment was for personal protection. The federal government has left our Southern border so porous that Mexican cartels are taking up business on the streets of our cities. I live along I-35, a main North-South corridor, and frequently see large groups of illegal aliens stopping at local convenience stores. I am mentally stable, a combat veteran of two wars and a couple of other shooting trips, and I have a right to own what I own.

I am also a Physician Assistant. I filled prescriptions for 10 years before I started writing them, and that was 17 years ago. The common denominator in the recent mass shootings is mental illness. With the Obvious exception of Ft. Hood, which was Terrorism plain and simple. Mental illness should be the main focus. There are plenty of examples of mass murder and mayhem that involved edged weapons and clubs. Guns are not the common denominator. Getting rid of them will not stop future tragedies. Having a few more good guys around with one may.

I will never vote for anyone that votes to infringe upon my rights as a law abiding gun owner. I ask you to stand firm in your support of the 2nd Amendment and your constituents.
Please read the sig line, don't let that guy contact congress more often than you do.

Much thanks,

The Okie Corral
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