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I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like nothing formal has happened. Yeah, maybe not a horrible idea to go to HR, but then it may escalate (which doesn't seem like what you want). I also work at a College, and my boss (who I like, and who I go shooting with on a regular basis), always kids around publicly that he'll do whatever I tell him to because otherwise I'll kick his ass. (he knows my martial arts background). Whatever. It is ok if you're bigger, tougher, stronger than your colleagues. Face it, most academia types don't lift weights, don't shoot guns, don't do much other than nerd/geek stuff. We're going to be tougher than them, and they know it. I just embrace it, and don't worry about it. But again, maybe I'm lucky because I can go out to the local range and shoot with my boss. (I tried to get him into some martial arts/sparring, but he wimped out). People in academia are generally pretty accepting of who you are. They don't expect everyone to be the same. I think if you stick with it, you'll be ok. Let them label you "tough guy" or whatever. Just do your job, hold your head high, and be proud!
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