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Consider making a point of occasionally announcing "MY BUDDIES DIDN'T DIE FACE-DOWN IN THE MUCK FOR ME TO PUT UP WITH THIS BS!!! anytime anybody mentions anything that you find even possibly challenging...such as what to order for lunch, who watched the reruns of Friends or Piers Morgan last night, etc. Of course, following it up with a hearty "HA HA HA!!! Hey, you know what I was told in supervision last week - that I INTIMIDATE people!!! Isn't that ABSURD?!? I mean, REALLY!! ARE YOU INTIMIDATED BY MEEEEEEE!?!?!?!" Then writhe on the floor, urinate on yourself and crawl out the nearest window, cackling and braying.

That'll really fix their wagon.
Madness is like gravity; all it needs is a little push.
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