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Every Taurus revolver I've handled NIB has either bad timing with lead shavings on the cone from factory test fire or the cylinder notches go from okay tight to loose as a goose by the 5th or 6th one.

The location of the lock in their hammers are garbage and have actuated and cause problems for some people. Not as easily removed as a S&W lock and I'm not sure if anyone makes a plug for them.

Now I've owned a PT1911 which was garbage. Fed 50% of ball ammo and 0% HP ammo no matter what brand of mags or ammo I used, how tweaked the extractor was or polished the feedramp was. The finish came off like it was applied by a Sharpie marker. The right side thumb safety fell off. The checkering on the front strap and MSH dented with the slightest rub on a hard surface like wood or plastic. The only upside was that they were $400 1911s at the time....for what they charge now, I wouldn't try another one unless it was just the frame and slide for say $200 or less.

I had an 85 Ultralite that was okay, although I bought it when I didn't know much about Taurus. It shot okay but the cylinder was loose as a goose as was the cylinder release button.

I had a PT22 which was surprisingly okay, although I didn't put many rounds through it before dumping it for a P3AT.

My Dad has bought some Taurus/Rossi revolvers recently disregarding my opinions and they're all NIB and all loose while the Rossi had lead shavings on the cone. Thing is my Dad is kinda cheap when it comes to guns and won't spend more than $400 for any firearm period. I found him a pristine S&W 686 no lock long ago....what does he do...sells it, buys some Taurus garbage and pockets the difference in money.

Well in any case and IMO only, Taurus is good for those not wanting to spend more on a S&W or Ruger or for those not looking to put more than a few cylinder fulls through a year. As far as their poly guns and other semi-autos, I have no opinion or experience with them although I would never consider them just like all Taurus products never gets a single consideration from me now.

So there you go, now flame away.

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