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The Taurus Millenium series had issues with frame cracking.

All of their guns over time have suffered from serious QC issues, it's hit and miss. Some work great, others don't work at all.

I've shot a couple dozen Tauri in various models and calibers and while they can work, they're really intended for the buy it, shoot a box, stick it in the drawer types.

I've owned 'one' Taurus, the 62 carbine in .22 LR because even they couldn't screw up Browning's design that much. It shot well and performed adequately.

That said, if you can afford the extra couple bucks, buy the original (S&W or Beretta).

Brazilians can make good guns. Doesn't mean Taurus always can.

Rossi, bought by Taurus, has some similar issues though their lever actions other than occasionally being a bit rough seem to do well in cowboy shooting matches.
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