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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
Do you know what 'weight' is? What political power is? The exercising of political will is power. Exercising that political will is an act of force. Make your voice heard, individually or as a group, and you have political power. Pols listen to that power. Sit on the sidelines and ***** and you might as well not have have an opinion.

The system works. If a group is able to push to assert their political will over yours, then one of two things has happened: You are truly in the minority, or they used the system more effectively than you. I do not believe we are in the minority on this. I do believe though that the opposition is better organized and they use the system more effectively than us. That is our problem and our failing. If we want to win, we need to rectify that problem. Eric
Go ahead and write your letters and make your calls. All we get these days are boilerplate responses or political aids trying to press agendas while explaining to me why I should believe what they believe.

I just got an email from "the White House" the other day explaining that the vast majority of Americans want heavy gun control. I'll be happy to forward it to you if needed.

They couldn't care less - it's all about THEM.
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