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Originally Posted by LockHavenYellow View Post
My comments have been misunderstood - I'm not admitting defeat. I'm pointing out the fact that the government has jumped the shark and they've clearly decided to tyrannically overstep their power and force us into a whole new realm of fighting for our freedoms.
Everything they do has to stand up to scrutiny. To judicial review. The checks and balances built into our constitution work. Obama can't simply pull a rabbit out of his hat and shove it up our collective ass. This nation doesn't work that way.

Keep in mind too that while Obama may not have to worry too much about losing political capital now, but all those other democrats surrounding him would probably like to avoid losing their seat at the pork barrel. Most of those career pols are not going to commit career hari-kari for the Big O. The flip-side of this being Obama's last term means that he will have nothing to offer those career pols(Including political protection), come the next election. They will be on their own. Eric
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