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Originally Posted by J.R. Bob Dobbs View Post
I've had two new Taurus revolvers fail and had to be repaired. The horrible customer service is why I'll never have another.
I broke a .44 magnum Tracker that I bought a few months ago. Complete negligence on my part. Sent the gun back, and it was returned fixed, no charge, no questions asked, three weeks later. My only experience ever sending a gun back for repairs. I hope any possible future experiences go as well.

Along with that, I have 2 blue titanium .44 magnum snubs and a .500, all bought just in the last couple months. Might buy another titanium .44 magnum snub in stainless on GB tomorrow.

Have had a titanium 850 .38 snub for almost 11 years that is my go-to carry gun. Sometimes my G26 or the .44 Tracker gets slipped on as well, but that 850 is always in my pants or jacket pocket.

My first .45 was a PT945, which was terribly unreliable, and I didn't keep it very long. I'd give one of the 92's a try for the right price though.
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