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Originally Posted by BierGut View Post
Hang in there my Man 'cause sooner or later that presence will help you lead all those girly metrosexuals, who like to manicure their body parts; as they need to be led.

Finding your way out of that college also might help expedite that as well. Best of luck and keep standing tall.

Roger that!!!

Every level and every part of this nation is in desperate need of leadership. Do not bend the character you have at the mention of this absolute Bravo Sierra. Those that are somehow "intimidated" by you would be the very first ones to look to you if the shieza hit the fan in the form of some physical security or natural disaster threat occurred. Some of the men wish they were you and some of the women want to be with you. These days vise-versa too I suppose, some of the men want to be with you and some of the women want to be you.... all that is out of my realm of understanding so I'll leave that to somebody else to discuss. Seriously though, with a polite smile thank the boss for his input and then press on.
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