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I have four Taurus revolvers:

1. M689 - 6-shots .357 Magnum and it has a ventilated rib barrel ala Colt Python but with the frame size equivalence of a SW K-frame.

2. M607 - 7-shooter .357 Magnum on the large .44 Mag frame (probably equivalent to N-frame but I think it's beefier). The next year Taurus came out with the 608 with eight rounds. Dammit!!!

3. M96 - a .22LR revolver that resembles the SW M17.

4. Raging Bull .454 Casull.

The first three are 1980s/1990s vintage. The fit & finishes were pretty close to SW. Close but not quite there, however the prices were significantly cheaper. The wooden grips were atrociously ugly though.

I've handled and shot a few of the more current wheelguns and I'm nonplussed. Some have really decent fit & finish with NICE trigger pulls (Taurus Judge), some have OK finish and decent trigger pull (my Raging Bull), and some were just down right ghastly (M94, Taurus Tracker, etc.).

My advice is to buy a Taurus wheelgun only if you can examine it up close and see what you're getting.

I don't have any experience with Taurus pistols other than looking at some of the Beretta clones back in the days.
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