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Originally Posted by Jade Falcon View Post
Lately, I've been wondering why Taurus guns get such a bad rap. Mind you, I've never owned one, and the only Taurus I've ever fired was an old PT92. It worked flawlessly.

Anyone got good or bad experiences here, please post them. I've seen a couple of Taurus revolvers that look nice that I like, but I'd rather hear from everyone here first.
Well first of all let me begin with that I've heard from others at my gun club that over the last 5-6 years Taurus has improved their handguns a lot. I have never owned a Taurus revolver that I didn't have to send back to the company for problems. The last was a Tracker .45 ACP.....out of time, and was very inaccurate. Took three trips back to the factory to finaly fix the problems. Still was bery inaccurate past 20 yards. As with the previous 4 Taurus revolvers and 1 SA I put it up for sale at a decreased price and said I would never buy another. Haven't to this day. People on the net preach that they are wonderful....and the net never lies. But I'll stay with S&W, or Ruger or a used Colt.
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