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Over the years I have had a number of taurus firearms, including one of my very first pistols and revolvers;

Taurus mod 66 .357mag; never a problem, took a nice spring/trigger job. Wished I had kept it.

Taurus PT58; a Beretta 84-like pistol, .380 with a 12rnd mag. Worked fine, but big and heavy for a .380 pistol.

Taurus PT92C; Another gun I wished I had kept, never an issue.

Taurus 85CH; First snubbie, not rated for +P back then. Very accurate with Nyclads, but loosened after about 1000rnds downrange- though some was +p ammo.

Taurus 85TT (total titanium) had the ported barrel-which actually works, but it seems like a giant fireball in your hand if shooting heavier .38 loads. Loosened over the long term from shooting. It would have beem a simple matter to correct (ball detent replacement) but required sending back to factory. Overall a good revolver.

Taurus PT22; I hear all kinds of bad on these....mine worked fine and was actually pretty accurate for a tiny .22 pistol. I liked the flip-up barrel loading a snake load first shot (for golf).

Taurus 44-10; Later to be called Judge. Had the 6" bbl and 2.5 chambers. I was sold on the novelty of it, and it worked fine as long as high brass shells were used, otherwise short brass would expand at the base, back out and bind up the gun. .45 Colt shot fine, too, glow worm front sight helped. I realized I had no use for the thing and sold it, but it was a good revolver besides being weird.

Model 94 (2"); Bought this gun to take milege off my S&W pre-34 Kit Gun. Glad I did, it's been a great little revolver. The trigger was pretty stiff when new, but 1200rnds or so later, it's decent and smoother. A keeper.

Model 431 (.44sp); It took sorting through a few different ones over the years before I found a nice tight one and barfed the cash. I only have a hundred or so through it, but it shoots very well and is accurate. Trigger still feels like it needs some breaking in like the 94 did.
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