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I've owned three Taurus revolvers over the years. The first one was a Model 82 (I think), a mid sized, fixed sight, four inch barrel, 38 revolver. That one I pretty much shot the snot out of using wadcutter ammo. Other than having the UGLIEST grips I've ever seen, I couldn't find anything to fault with that gun. It even had a pretty decent trigger.

I also owned a seven shot, Model 66 in .357 Magnum, that for fit and finish, I would say was almost in the Smith & Wesson class. That was a pretty gun, and it too had a very nice trigger. At the time I was living in the city and didn't get to shoot it a lot, but I did like that gun. It shot just fine when I did get to. It too had ugly grips, but all rubber grips are ugly. They did feel good.

And at the same time I had a Model 85CH, a small frame five shot 38 with a bobbed hammer. Again, I didn't get to shoot it a lot, but when I did it shot just like I expected it to.

I got rid of them for no particular reason. I buy, sell, and trade guns a lot and those all just went down the road to get something else, not because I had any trouble with them. I wouldn't mind having any of them again.
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