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Taurus guns I own:
I've had like 5 of them over the years and they all worked flawlessly. Only reason I went through so many was because the first two I had didn't have the decocker and I then wanted one with a rail, then I need to sell it so I could get something else,then I got a good deal on the one I own now.

Model 94 22rf.
The triggers were a bit better back then. But I did a trigger job on it, slapped in a lighter spring and it is quite smooth now. Not to mention god know how many rounds have been put through it. Current triggers seem overly lawyerfide.

Model 627(?) total titanium 357mag with a 6.5" tube. After another trigger job this thing is a great packin pistol. Seven shots in a frame lighter than my S&W 686+. Got my girlfriend a stainless tracker in 357 mag with a 4" barrel and that thing has been a beast.
Key point in their revolvers is that if one puts a lighter hammer spring in it you'll keep light primer strikes. I took mine part and discovered that the firing pin return spring has one too many coils and if you clip a couple off, problem solved and the lighter hammer spring= joy time.

24/7 in 9mm (with the old ribber grip)
My girlfriend became. Big time Taurus fan so I got her the 24/7 and she digs it. She be a revolver gal and I end up shooting it more than she does but we used to go shooting every weekend for almost a couple of years so it's been tested pretty good. No issues at all. Except find three dot night sights, which was done.
Most problems with their autos I hear of are with 40s&w and 45acp, and 380 (but thats so with almost any 380).
Hope this helps.
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