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Originally Posted by czsmithGT View Post
They have an odd way of determining success.

If a school does horribly at graduating all male students but somewhat less horribly in graduating football players, they rank highly. So Boise State (which graduates 26% of all male students but 60% of their football players) and Northern Illinois (51% and 66%) appear to be better than ND (96% and 83%). Kind of a joke.

The way they determine graduation rates for athletes is also different from the NCAA Graduation Success Rate. Their calculations assume any athlete who leaves school to transfer or turn pro before he gets a degree counts against % graduation whereas the NCAA figures don't count this against a school unless the athlete leaves in bad academic standing.
It's funny. I was watching the game closely, and even paused and rewound a bunch of times, but I didn't see any of the players cracking open their textbooks in Miami.

Oh, wait. That's right. It was a football game and the Irish lost.

Post hoc discussions about various other positive aspects of the schools and/or their programs are non sequiturs. BTW, Bama's got better bar-b-que and prettier girls.
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