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Originally Posted by czsmithGT View Post

It is true that it's difficult to compete against a conference with abysmal academic requirements (Barrett Jones is much the exception) which over signs and gray-shirts athletes who could not have a chance to graduate.

The fact that SEC teams refuse (Alabama is a modest exception) to schedule any difficult non-conference games is interesting.

ND does not over sign, they don't gray-shirt and they don't even red shirt in the sense that all other NCAA Div 1 schools carry out that practice- a FB player at ND must have attained his undergraduate degree and apply for an extra year while taking graduate studies even if he did not compete as a Frosh.

This isn't sour grapes but merely an acknowledgement of the way things are in NCAA football today. I'm not sure if this will remain the case five years from now. But regardless, I am proud of what ND was able to accomplish this year and am looking forward to their football future which is again ascending. They played poorly against Alabama, the coaches had a poor game plan, and ever if those were not the cases Alabama would have won easily. Next year, and the year after things may be different if ND continues to improve. All of life is a cycle of ups and downs and ND football is trending upward.

Your program lost....Admit it. Trying to make this comparison is OLD. The big 12 and Big 10 folks have tried to make that claim as a reason for their failure in the big games too. Get over it. It's a straw-man argument.

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