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Originally Posted by RichJ View Post
Found this test using Mobil-1

The Okie Corral

Bottom right is Mobil-1. Top middle is Break-Free.
This is good information. I read all information provide in the tests shown here and even though it might be "good enough" it is for sure not the best. Now that being said the tests are extreme and would also indicate that the items being tested would be allowed to stay in those contitions.

A Glock or Sig would have enough of a coating on them that if you used Mobile 1 on them it would probably be more than enough to protect the weapons from rusting. Rust protection is great but also the fact that it seems the Mobile 1 would last longer on moving parts that is still not a bad thing to consider. I have cooked break free off a gun before by extensive shooting but I also cleaned the weapon and re-oiled it.
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