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Originally Posted by rimshaker View Post
Got my factory threaded barrels below. Grab em while you can.
That is not the common thread pattern for most American suppressors. The common American thread pattern is 1/2 x 28.

I am looking at a 9mm suppressor in the next year.
The top 4 on my list are:
Silencerco Osprey
Octane2 HD SWR
TiRant9 AAC
Liberty mystic

If this is your first suppressor (or only suppressor) the Liberty Mystic has a lot of advantages. This is not my first suppressor so the other three have advantages.

As far as barrels...
Storm lake
and I know I am forgetting a couple other manufacturers.

Discussion of ban. The last ban did not remove the barrels fro the market, it removed the ability to legally add a threaded barrel to a NEW gun. There is no way of knowing what the politicians will plan to do with the new legislation. AND I don't think it will pass, but ....
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