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What's wrong with grease?

When looking at lubrication requirements for various mechanical applications, firearms tic every box for grease, and very few for oil. (other than as an exterior preservative...which isn't a lubrication issue)

Much ado about nothing. Get the acids off the metal (sweat, powder residue), protect it from moisture, store it where little hands can't get to it and your cat can't pee on it.

From both a metallurgical and mechanical standpoint, nearly every firearm made is stone-simple. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. A $99 Wal-Mart Weed Whacker is a far more complex design and more demanding on its lubricants than any hand gun. Just use some basic machine stewardship and get back to worrying about more important topics, like the tire tread pattern on your lawn tractor.
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