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Originally Posted by glock19master View Post
i have done alot of research on this. i have recently started to use mobile 1 seynthic motorcycle motor oil as my oil for my gun. its 8 dollars a quart. and remington, hoppes, ect... is 2-4 dollars for 2 ozs.
was gonna start using greese until i talked to a old timer glock armour and he said absolutly no greese on glocks just a quality oil.
so comparing "gun oil" to motorcycle oil it really is the same if not better

just wondering if anyone else has seen or has been doing this.

leave ur opinions
Why bother with Mobil 1 synthetic? Its a gun, not an engine. Just buy some nice thick knockoff dino oil. The crap is designed to lubricate an engine spinning at 6,000RPMs, I assure you even the least effective of it is more than enough to protect your gun.

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