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Bud Haggart, who was Dodge Motors' chief research and development mechanic during the 70's, whom some long term Dodge executives also say was instrumental in winning Dodge Motors the coveted Drive Train of the Year award one year in a row over the period of 1976 to 1976, is still missing after parachuting out of a Goodyear blimp over the New Year's football weekend.

Once being highly applauded for his inventing the technologically advanced "Turbo Incabulator," he later lived as a recluse only coming outside for skydiving junkets or to collect his mail. Although the Turbo Incabulator never sold too well in the united States to the general public, the US Military awarded Dodge Motors a multibillion dollar contract for use of the device in almost all of its vehicles overseas which also required the utilization of Dodge's nover trunnions.

Many people do not know that Bud also successfully sued the C. W. Post cereal company for false advertising in 1979. He did so based on the fact that the company's much touted Grape Nuts Cereal, which he had eaten for years since a child, contains neither grapes, nor nuts in the box.

Bud, as his friends called him, or Mr. Haggart, as he demanded his subordinates call him, was a long time and avid skydiver. He is credited with making numerous skydives wearing only tennis shoes and a top hat.

Due to an onset of photophobia later in his life, there are no current graphic images available of Mr. Haggart; however, the Police have been distributing his old Dodge Motor's commercial to the public in hope of some help in finding him safe.

If you see this man, do NOT try to apprehend him, but please just call 1-555-555-5555.
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