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Look, I don't care what anybody says, that was hysterical television. Nobody watches Piers' stupid show anyway so who cares. All of the lefty's hate guns regardless of this nut job showing up on Piers Morgan and lighting the wick. They all think we're nuts anyway and they're the only ones that watch that dumb program.

Let's be honest with ourselves. If we all of the sudden pander to the lefty's and play nice by debating fairly with a nobody like Piers Morgan, do you really think the left is going to see our side of the argument as truth?

I don't care how crazy Alex is that was funny. He would have accomplished nothing by debating Piers Morgan fairly, NOTHING. At least in his caffeine rage he got to make some very pro-gun 2A points, hammer them home and get off of that useless scum of a television show largely unscathed personally (minus Piers luring him into the absurd 911 comments he made).

Plus, in all fairness, he's not the one actually defending our rights in congress or otherwise so I don't care how much of an idiot he acts like on some useless show like Piers Morgan. I was happy to see somebody light that clown up for what he is...Scum.

Let's be realistic, Piers Morgan's show is nothing more than entertainment...and that was entertaining!
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