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Don't know this Jones or many others that appear and fall down under a TV settings of this last few years. Don't follow that closely since the 2008 election.

I could see this coming as clear as a buffalo in a bath tub.

I've been pro gun since a tiny boy.

But can't count how many on this very forum can come off as some pretty dizzy thinkers. When it comes to fire arms. And your futures....

After 20 plus years of writing to politicians local up through Presidents. with pen paper, stamps and spending hours of trying to find public officials addresses.

I've retired and let you young pros get in and get your feet wet.

Well,,, just like the election and your overwhelming choices it seems you've pretty much sewed up what you have wrought and are going to have to live with the results of that dizzy thinking.

You were warned a plenty.

Go get em tigers of the email world.
Trying to make
sense of it all.

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