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Originally Posted by gjk5 View Post
I volunteer at a church because it helps people. I am not a member, nor a thumper.

I also do not believe in blasphemy.

You may not believe in blasphemy but your Lord and Savior do. Think about it. No disrespect. Just an observation.

Ok, I will get off of that.
It is a really good thing for everyone to help those in need. I seriously mean that.

Glk5, we have all read the extreme thoughts on anti gun control here.
I understand how Jones came off to middle America. La Pierre came off poorly. He didnt do much for the cause.
Jones slipped only when he let the conversation go to 911.
We dont all agree on everything on GT. The thing we agree on the most is that we own/love Glock pistols.
At least someone had the nads to stand up to Piers and give it back for once.
Its on again at 2300CST. I am sticking around to see it again.

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