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Originally Posted by Glock19Fan View Post
For the past 5 years I have used Mobile 1 20W-50 synthetic oil for my personal weapons, as well as used it on two deployments to Afghanistan. I have used it on all my personal weapons as well as my issued M4, M9, M249, M240B, M2, as well as a one time use on a MK19. It doesnt run like CLP and doesnt evaporate in the 130 degree temperatures.

Its against reg, but it did better than what I was issued.
Thats why I use it in my 1919. Thick, stays put, absorbs carbon, dirt, etc. When you clean the gun, just hose it out with gun scrubber and reapply more oil.
RIP Mark 1977-2005 I miss the hell outta you bro.

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