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Originally Posted by Travclem View Post
Nice, I am waiting on a few tax stamps myself. .22 silencers are fun and the P22 isn't good for much but for some reason it suppresses really well.
My first suppressor/host was a Walther P22 & a TAC-65. It was pretty good suppressed, and a lot more reliable. I ended up giving the P22 to a friend as a going away present and got myself a threaded conversion kit for the G17. It sounds so much better IMO! It's at 1:27 in this video:

Originally Posted by The_Gun_Guru View Post
it would have to be really really quiet for me to get away with shooting it in the backyard :-) lol

You'd be surprised. I've shot into a Kevlar panel in my apartment with a .22 and someone was standing outside. They were none the wiser. Even though suppressors may not be "silent" they do alter the noise to something that isn't readily identifiable as a gunshot.

Originally Posted by Fireman1291 View Post
You loose that feeling as you buy more and more and more, it becomes a job I tell ya. Getting the silencer bug is worse than the gun bug I tell ya!
I will agree that you become numb to it as your collection grows, but I don't know which is worse, the gun or silencer bug... I have 4 cans, 5 SBRs, and three more SBR projects in the works. It gets hectic with all the different host options for the cans though.
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