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Originally Posted by RichJ View Post
I love ND but they have been way, way overhyped this year. The only reason they are in the Championship game is because 1.) they are Notre Dame, and 2.) they are undefeated.

Who have they beaten that was worth a darn? USC? Please; they suck. Stanford? Stanford is good but not great and ND barely won that game. Oklahoma? A&M exposed them as the suck too. Who does that leave? Navy, Purdue, Pitt?

A one loss Oregon or Kansas State could probably beat ND by 15 or 20. Bama is going to beat them soundly but I beleive Saban has a lot of respect for the tradition of ND and won't run up the score no mater how ugly it gets.

Bama by 17. Book it.
All any team can do is beat the teams on their schedule. Before the season started ND looked to have the hardest schedule in the country, but Miami, Michigan State and Oklahoma and USC didn't cooperate- nothing ND can do about that. At least they didn't schedule Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic and Western Carolina.

Michigan wasn't at their best this year but they could easily have won their bowl game against South Carolina. Stanford is one of the five best teams right now, maybe on of the two the best who knows.

Oregon would probably be playing in the championship game but they forgot to win all their games. They would kill Alabama and maybe ND. But they didn't earn the chance to try. I would have voted a one loss Oregon team ahead of a one loss Alabama team but the SEC bias took care of that.

I just wish ND had the chance to play the best SEC team instead of Alabama for the championship. Unfortunately A&M didn't get the chance. Football isn't always fair. Whatever. I have no idea how the game will go- obviously I hope ND wins but I'm not stupid enough to guarantee or even predict a victory. After all, I'm just a fan, not a member of the team or coaching staff so I have no control over the situation. I will predict that Saban won't have to have his QB take knees to start the second half in an attempt to keep it from being a rout.
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