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Originally Posted by Rick305 View Post
Hey man I have a saiga .223 fully converted and have never had a single malfunction -- go to the saiga12 forums and they will tell you exactly what's going on with ur krink , it's an awesome gun I'm dying to purchase one myself !

Pm me if you want me to post it for you on there
This is my first AK.
I own high end pistols - Sig / H&K.
And the quality of this Krinkov blows me away.

From what I can tell the feed ramp needs to be worked on.
I can see metal shavings at the feed ramp.
Seen pics and descriptions of the fix.
But the gun is spanking new and under warranty.
Looks like others have sent them back to Arsenal and they
opened the feed ramp and fixed the problem.

So I'm calling Arsenal today and see if I can get this covered
under warranty.

I really love this gun.
Thanks for posting.

I've got 9 boxes of NATO 75 gr TAP T2 on the way.
Got to get this thing running right!

I'll keep everyone posted on how things go.
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