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Originally Posted by Fear Night View Post
Yesterdays gun show in Birmingham was total insanity. My buddies and I arrived 20 mins before the doors opened at 9am just like we normally do. Line is usually 50-75 yards long at the most by then. By the time we got there, the line was literally at least 1/4 mile long. By 9am the line was as far as we could see behind us, and then wrapped around the next street corner out of view. 9:15am comes along and we have barely moved from our original position ... so we decided to just head to a few local gun stores instead

Record crowd greets Great Southern Gun & Knife show at BJCC
I almost decided to go. Thank god I decided against it. My new safe was delivered, but I really wanted to go check it out just like I'm sure you did J. No telling how insane it was inside!! Don't blame you though!
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