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Cookand this is straight off PBR's FAQ page

"Do you load defensive ammunition?
No, we are currently focused on producing ammunition geared toward the practice market. Some of our loads do feature hollow points, such as the 357 Sig, but those loads are not comparable to purpose-built defensive ammunition utilizing hollow points such as Remington's Golden Sabre or Winchester's Ranger Talon. While our loads, like all ammunition, can be lethal they are not engineered specifically for defensive purposes."


"Why do you offer hollowpoints if you'd don't manufacture self-defense ammunition?
Our hollowpoint loadings are engineered to provide a shooting experience similar to the premium self-defense ammunition on the market today. This allows our customers to practice their recoil control with a stronger round, ensure that their weapon feeds hollowpoints flawlessly in a practice environment, and enjoy the superb accuracy a hollowpoint delivers. With our JHP offerings it is possible shoot more than a single magazine during a practice session without breaking the bank"

If this doesn't have the answer you are looking for just write them an email.
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