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Originally Posted by Dubble-Tapper View Post
im not a tinfoil type by any means, but who the hell were they chasing? why would a wood cutting pastor evade police?

the car registered to some random dude?

and what the hell was up with the facebook page, and the fake picture of the girl with obama?

im not saying this was perpetrated by the gubmint, but there is definitely some questionable stuff going on with the whole situation.

can any of the skeptics debunk any of the above "facts"?
The thing is if you look at any of these shootings with a microscope people start thinking normal stuff is somehow linked to a conspiracy. People are weird and do odd things that don't appear odd until viewed under a microscope. The media reported everything wrong in the beginning. In their rush to be the first to report body counts, and smear the pictures of the dead across the screen. The news completely botched the reporting as they usually do.

These are the same people that report a used rocket launcher incapable of ever firing again as a death machine. An AK47 is a glock, a glock is a AR15 and an AR15 is the end of days. You have to understand the days of reporters actually verifying facts before reporting them are over. This sloppy reporting has given these conspiracy theorist the little bit of misinformation they need to exploit to further their agendas.

Many ask why the coroner looked odd and acted weird. Remember he just saw a bunch of 6-7 year old children with multiple rifle wounds. Many police officers are deeply effected when they see a kid die in a car accident, can you imagine seeing 20 dead children age 6-7 shot 3-11 times each.

People want to believe in conspiracy because it's uncomfortable to think 1 sick bastard could take the lives of those kids for no reason other then his own twisted pleasures. It's the same as 9/11 it sucks to think 19 people took the lives of 3500 people with a little funding from Bin Laden. It would be much easier to believe things like this aren't possible without the backing of some dark secret conspiracy government group. The JFK assassination is much easier to envision the CIA, Cubans, Russians or mob to be involved then one lone idiot changing history. Conspiracies make people feel better and the people who make these videos either do it for profit, political gain or to laugh at the guys they rope in with their crafty editing. If you notice every event in human history is linked to a "conspiracy" in some way by somebody, somewhere. Ancient aliens, 9/11 truthers, Newtown truthers, JFK conspiracy, Moon Landing hoaxers, etc...

The truth is the only conspiracy in Newtown is how the media gets away with being so terrible at their job. They have continuously failed to properly report story after story. They don't research and don't care who's lives they ruin rushing to report a story. Instead of we don't know they just throw as much as they can against the wall and see what sticks.

I do question those who believe in this conspiracy and the 9/11 conspiracy, why continue to live in this country. If the government is continuously killing it's own people your move to Venezuela and hide. If you 100% believe this stuff then how could you continue contributing to a government that would carry out these attacks. Your funding these people who supposedly do this.

Sometimes the clearest, easiest most logical answer is the right one. I'm going to say the most likely cause of this incident was a mother to proud to recognize her son needed help she couldn't provide. She thought she could make him "normal" by teaching his some responsibility by shooting. Turns out she was wrong this kid was a loose nut looking for the right time to snap. He carried out an attack which even the sickest person couldn't.

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